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Is it filled with intention, love, and the best memories? Then I am YOUR GIRL! So kick off your shoes, let's go roll around in fields, and laugh till out abs (or my flab) aches!

I am incredibly passionate about photography and the way it tells a story without the need for words. I love capturing your gentle gazes, the hidden smile in you or your loved ones eyes, and most importantly YOUR story. For me, it is all about intentionality, authenticity, and documenting this special season in your life. I would love to get to know you both individually and as a couple to true capture the essence of who you are and your love for each other. My goal is for you to look at your pictures together, fifty years from now, and have those real moments bring your memories right back like it just happened yesterday! 

How do you picture your big day?

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Come see and dream about what your big day could look like.

"Andrea is the most kind and amazing human ever! She is a brilliant photographer who communicates effectively and provides you with the the most beautiful images to treasure."

"I cannot get over how incredibly beautiful our wedding pictures are, I feel like I am reliving my best day over and over."

"Andrea has such a bright and positive personality - she truly brings out the best in you and makes you feel beautiful for your pictures"

"Andrea is extremely down to earth and makes you feel very comfortable in front of the camera! She also has a perfect eye for capturing your vision and then finds a way to make it even better than you could have imagined!!"

"Andrea was so fun, sweet, and a genuine pleasure to be around for the entirety of the event. If I had to make a decision again I would pick her every time!"