capturing the kind of love they make movies about

Asheville-based intimate wedding + elopement photographer

“What does that even mean, Andrea?!” My camera is to me what a clear plastic backpack is to my cat, Leia. She sees adventure through her adventuring backpack, and I see it through my lens--- and usually with a wildly in-love couple in focus. 

In other words, I’m an Asheville-based intimate wedding + elopement photographer who loves exploring the coolest locations as your plus-one to capture you and yours lovin’ it up!

I’m all about creating an environment for you where you feel welcomed, loved, and comfortable just being you. Serving is at the center of who I am and is the vein of inspiration for my business in general. I will be there to help with posing, location scouting, and making your session not just a photoshoot, but an experience full of memories that will last as long as the photos! This is more than just getting pretty pictures for your wall (either in your home or on your feed), but about your unique and amazing love story!

So, if you are looking for a wildly enthusiastic photographer who will not hesitate to bust a move with you on your dance floor or get her boots a little dirty with you for your epic photo, then let’s chat!! 

Meet me, the indoor cat of intimate wedding + elopement photography 

You’re probably here with a new rock on your left hand,(nice bling!) ready to get this planning part over so you can walk that rock down the aisle with your best friend. You and I both know that finding the right wedding + elopement photographer is a HUGE task so I want to make this part of your process as easy as possible.

Hey loves, I’m Andrea-Marie!

Does that sound like you? If it is, y'all bring your lovely selves, I'll bring my camera, and let's go make some magic!

I am all for the in-between brides - someone who is down to get your dress (or your paws, pun intended) a little dirty to get a rad shot, but maybe not hiking 15 miles to your ceremony location (I am not in-shape enough for that!).

My camera acts as my backpack - it is comforting and safe, but is a medium for adventure! With my lens focused and my shoes laced up, I love to explore nature with you and intentionally live life.

So, loosen up and love a little-- or a lot!

To dive into a little more detail.. If you know me, you may have heard me refer to myself as an 'indoor cat in a clear plastic backpack' when people ask if I like the outdoors. 

Stick with me.. But I really am not the biggest fan of bugs or messes.. aka THE OUTSIDE! But my camera and the friendships I make with my couples brings a love for the outdoors that I never had before.

So about the cat thing..

I absolute LOVE to travel! New people and places are inspiring and what’s better than creating new memories and exploring the world with your best-friend.

So whether you are looking to climb mountains in The Pacific North West or adventure overseas in Europe or beyond, I would love to come third-wheel on your adventure! And great news - my camera comes with as a package deal. Check out my travel schedule for upcoming trips and special packages for any location on my wish list!

Travel much?

Lemme just grab my go-bag!

"I honestly could not have asked for a better photographer than Andrea. She made my whole wedding experience so fun and so EASY! She treats you as if you are one of her dear friends, and she is always making sure all of your needs are met. I am so thankful for everything she has done for me and my new husband. I thought her engagement photos of us could not be beat until I saw our wedding sneak peak. She has such a gift and knows how to capture the light perfectly!"