I absolute LOVE to travel! New friends and locations bring new inspiration and getting to explore the world together is a vivid memory to capture and create between you and your best-friend.

So whether you are looking to climb mountains in The Pacific North West or adventure overseas in Europe or beyond, I would love to come third-wheel on your adventure! And great news - I can bring my camera with too!

My bags are all packed—let's go!

Want to run away with me?

April | Orlando, FL
May | Atlanta + Cali
June | Tennessee
July | Grand Tenton
August | Oregon
September | Minnesota
October | Colorado + Minnesota
November | Oregon

2021 Travel Dates

And if your adventure is taking you to somewhere I have never been before then do I have something special for you! It would be a DREAM to visit any of these places, and I am offering a serious discount for couples who book me for the locations listed below. My camera + office can travel with us too!

Travel Wish List

new mexico

...and just about anywhere overseas

anywhere in europe

Travel Wish List