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Olivia Henderson is the founder and lead designer at Olivia Floral Design Co. Having grown up with a big family garden, Olivia's love of floral design began when planting seeds with her grandfather every spring.

Since then, Olivia has graduated with a degree in professional floral design from the Institute of Floral Design.

Meet Olivia

Enchanted Waterfall Engagement | Kaie+Nathaniel

Couples and Engagements

What a DREAM this evening was! With two of my absolute favorite humans, celebrating their love on the Blue Ridge Parkway the best way we all know – adventuring with your person.

This session was one for the books because of who these two are – adventurous, always down to try something new, and radiating JOY! I have had so many people ask how they can try to re-create these images and honestly, it is because Katie+Nathaniel kept saying “yes” to all the ideas. Yes, to going barefoot. Yes, to carefully and as safely as possible, climbing over rocks with 10-yards of tulle in their hands. Yes, to allowing quiet, intimate moments and not feeling the desire to rush into the next thing. Yes, to giggling and being silly. Yes, to taking the evening to just be with each other and love on each other in this special season.

It was a great reminder to me to live present and in the moment and to say “yes” to adventure and getting a little mud on my feet but getting to have these experiences with nature and others. It was perfectly imperfect with enchanting moments of magic and awe. 10/10 would recommend doing this with your best-friend too!

Hat: Gigi Pip

Dress: Gap

Couture Dress: Katharina Haake Couture

Award-Winning Photographer based out of Asheville, NC


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Receive 10% off your first bouquet from Olivia Floral Design Co.

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