but you may feel a little lost on how to bring to life that intimate vision you desire for YOUR day.

You’re in love and about to marry your best friend,

I will be your indoor cat (check my homepage for the story behind this), adventure loving, photographer bestie to help you through this process!

Well, you are in the right place.

This is where I step in!

You’ve dreamed of this day—one filled with adventure, intentionality, and memories to go along with your epic images. There’s a lot to do, things to plan, and you may feel overwhelmed by the endless directions your big day could take.

For the last 6 years, I've had the honor of documenting countless couples just like you - everyday people who might be a little shy in front of the camera, but who are unabashedly in love and want to share it.

I promise to make photography the easiest and the most fun part of your wedding experience - besides the actually getting married part, of course! Don't worry-- I'll help you with posing in a candid style, allowing y’all to feel yourselves, and to truly shine - vividly and joyously - through your photos.

I not only want to help make your photos as beautiful as the day itself, but also to help with details both big and seemingly small. From the day of schedule, outfit coordinating, helping you pick bridesmaids dresses, and figuring out which Airbnb would be best to get ready in, I am your girl. I love to use my experience and expertise to aid y’all in setting up your day for success!

Fueled by capturing perfectly imperfect love stories that will last a lifetime and will authentically exemplify who God created you to be.

I’m Andrea-Marie, an Asheville based photographer specializing in intimate wedding + elopement.

About Me

Did we just become best-friends??

Romantic imagery, candid moments, moody + bright editing style, light chasing, finding the beauty in the people and places all around me, laughter (and lots of it), warmth, movement, silly “mom” jokes, tattoos, Disney, being a Child of God, a total nerd, a gym rat, a coffee addict, a mom to my kitten Leia and countless plants, a stepmom to an awesome 10-year old, a wife to my ginger goofball, a teacher, an adventure seeker, and breaking down my moves on any dance floor I can find.

Things I am sups passionate about: